Internet Security
Internet Security
The Internet is one of the most influential developments in the history of the world. Along with the vast benefits, the Internet can also expose our children to undesirable subject matter and worse yet, predatory individuals. However, we can help you make sure that your children have a positive and safe experience on the web.
  What sites are my children viewing?  
We can help you make sure that your child is only viewing information and web sites that you feel comfortable with. This includes tools to block certain web sites or data services and provide you with a record of what they have been viewing.
  Who is my child chatting with?  
Don't leave your children vulnerable to predators, monitor who they are communicating with and what they are talking about. Our technicians can help you to pick the right tools to ensure effective monitoring.
  Why is mature content popping up on my screen?  
Protecting your children can also mean securing your computer. Certain spy ware applications can display mature subject matter without your approval and expose your children. Other malicious applications can leave your sensitive information open to the outside world including your physical address and or telephone numbers. While we are at your house, we can also ensure that this sensitive information is secure, further protecting you and your children.

Is the Internet that dangerous?

Most of the Internet is made of genuine sites and most people aren't trying to harm your children. However, it's not worth the risk to take the chance that your children will be safe. You can do something about it.
  * If there is any material on the computer that needs to be reported to law enforcement we will not destroy the material, but preserve a copy of it and present it to the local law enforcement.  
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