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What Desktop OS?
What Desktop Operating System

Windows 2000 0% ( 0 )
Windows XP 66% ( 4 )
Other Windows 0% ( 0 )
Linux 16% ( 1 )
Mac 16% ( 1 )
BSD 0% ( 0 )
Other 0% ( 0 )

Total Votes : 6
Author Message

What Desktop OS? 
Ok, for the techies in here. What desktop OS do you run? Why do you run them?

Personally on my desktop I currently have Fedora Core 3 installed and running just because I am doing some remote syslog testing, but on my laptop which is my primary pc I run Windows 2000 & Mandrake 10.1 the only reson that I am not running a Fedora is because without a kernel recompile you don't get native encrypted drives on a laptop. That is one thing I would stress highly is that everyone has encypted drives on their laptops incase they get stolen.

Current Boxes

1 Windows XP
2 Windows2000
1 2000 Server
1 Linux (SUSE)

Andrew Moe
3 Phase Technologies

I feel stupid now.
All I have is one XP Pro box and an old laptop running 98 (which I never use)

Lance "Wappo" Ghramm
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