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Can you comment on the following?
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Can you comment on the following?


Jason W. Dallas
Vice President of Information Security
SecureStream Technologies, Inc.

Not a problem... Already put the replies in at both places. 
The issue with John is that currently we pay all of our techs registered at our site $45.00/hour at this time they are informed of this when they are on the phone to be dispatched to a call, and he decided that he would put $50.00 in the requested box, then after the work is done throw a fit over $50.00 from $45.00/hour with a 1 hour minimum. He did two service calls for us that he did very well with, but he decided that he would not be like other techs and be paid the $45.00/hour. Two or three days ago he decided that he would call complain and try to "strong arm" us with threats that he would try to get all of the techs and customers to not use us again etc. When John called me on my cell phone, he was very rude to me and has been rude to other people in the facility, I don’t deal with this at all, remember that FindAComputerGuy.Com is your CUSTOMER! I know that there have been more service calls in his area that went to his competition. I talked to who assigned him the work orders and looked over all of the logs and they stated that it was at $45.00/hour, any tech that has done any work with us knows the standard deal is $45.00/hour with a guaranteed one hour minimum and 10% added to your cost for parts. I decided after dealing with this once before I would only pay him $45.00/hour and I was going to stand firm on my ground. I am standing firm, and I have already a meeting with my attorney about this, and I am taking their recommendation.

Questions for the other techs, how many national contractors are currently spending less than the $45.00/hour? I know that we could lower our rates, but at this time we are not.

Cheers John and Thanks!

BTW: I am still going to pay him the agreed rate of $45.00/hour for a total of $101.25 and he can continue to bitch moan and complain about this extra $5.00/hour. And allow his competition get the business. You leaving the FindAComputerGuy.Com site does not bother me at all, as we have over 20 techs in your area John.

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I just thought of this, John requested payment on 05/04/05 if you read the rip off report about the threat to post in public etc. He stated that he had to do that to get us to pay him.... I think that everyone can see that is not true.

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