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Biggest issues with home wireless networks
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AMEN Brother...
kinda my pet peve...
I can drive around my town and connect to 90% of the wireless connections....

How about instead of locking them down, how about just showing them how to use nat, and lock it down for one side of their wifi, meaning nothing external can get in, but leachers on the outside can still use their link to get to the internet.

i.e. dmz the wifi link to the internt cloud.

I use a pda with softphone, so free wifi is a crucial role in making phone calls from my unit. Of course If I have to I can make calls from public wifi, but sometimes I find myself in residential areas when I need to make a quick call.




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I always offer to secure the network and mostly they want it. In the bad old days of WEP some people preferred convenience.

Jason Gerber
CCNP, CQS:Firewall, Security+
Make It Work Computers, LLC
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