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FindAComputerGuy Bonus/Giveaway
What should the prize be?

All expenses vaction to Hawaii for five days 53% ( 8 )
All expenses vaction to Vegas for five days + $500 in gambing cash. 13% ( 2 )
All expenses vaction to a foreign tropical island. 0% ( 0 )
A tropical cruise. 0% ( 0 )
Shopping spree at a technical store. 20% ( 3 )
Just give me some cash. 13% ( 2 )

Total Votes : 15
Author Message

FindAComputerGuy Bonus/Giveaway 
FindAComputerGuy.Com has decided to give all of its technicians and employes something to look forward to and to strive for. Currently we are going to give the prizes to the following.

1. The technician with the highest technical performance index. In case there is a tie the technician that has ran the most service calls will win this.
2. The technician that ran the most calls in the year.
3. The technician that sends the most traffic through our affilate program.

These prizes will be available to everyone full time employees and contractors. The prizes will be all the same, and the prize is still to be determined. Lets vote on this and see what everyone wants. The contest is going to end around the end of December 05. All of the vactions will be for two people.

have anything in ohio yet?  a trip sounds nice

Come on guys let us see your responses.

Yea...some work for south east ohio would be great

Hawaii would be an awesome prize!  Business must be better than expected!  Let me know if anything else comes through VA/MD/WV/DC, guys!  Looking forward to building the relationship!

Ken Tannenbaum, CEO
Personal Systems Solutions, LLC
"Your On-Site Media Specialists" (SM)

Send me as much work as you can for Southern New Jersey and the Philly area.  I need A vacation.

Andrew Moe
3 Phase Technologies
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