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Uploading Signed Service Orders
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Uploading Signed Service Orders 
Hello All,

For our billing etc we must keep a customer signed copy of the work order at our offices. Currently once the service order is completed we have the technician fax in the signed copy. We would like to have the technicians upload the signed work orders directly to the database. The capability is there, which format would you like to upload it in?

I'll have to cast a vote for PDF

Ken Tannenbaum, CEO
Personal Systems Solutions, LLC
"Your On-Site Media Specialists" (SM)

.pdf sounds good to me.

Confirmation of upload? 
Is there some sort of confirmation that the pdf was uploaded?  I clicked the browse button, located the pdf file, made sure the path was diplayed then clicked the upload button.  My window flased and the path was gone but I did not see any confirmation or anything.  I did it again and the same thing happened.  Was it uploaded? -Wappo

Lance "Wappo" Ghramm
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