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Working With Find A Computer Guy
  Are you a computer guy that is looking for work to fill in your downtime? FindAComputerGuy.Com is always looking for well qualified technicians to work with us through out the United States.  
  What is FindAComputerGuy.Com's policy for customer satisfaction?  
As a service provider with you agree to represent the quality of your work to be up to the clients 100% satisfaction. Ultimately it is in the clients control to approve the service order before the service order is closed. If you do not provide quality service to the client, you run the risk of not being paid for the service that you do provide.
  How do I accept work?  
FindAComputerGuy.Com will contact you through phone, email or text message that you provided in your application. Included with this contact will be a general overview of the work that we are asking to be preformed along with all of the pay information. You may either accept the work or at that time or ignore it.
  How do I get paid for completed service orders?  
When the service order is completed, you will log into the FindAComputerGuy.Com web site upload the signed service order and close the work order. Next the customer is contacted and asked for a review of the technician, if the service order was correct, and if it was completed on time. Once this is done your account is credited. You can then request a payment from FindAComputerGuy.Com. FindAComputerGuy.Com will process this payment within 72 hours, and be sent via your preferred payment method.
  How much does each service order pay?  
Each service order pays differently, you are notified of the pay for each work order prior to accepting the work order.
  Why should I take the time to sign up?  
FindAComputerGuy.Com uses a large number of service providers in each area, and we are always looking for new, qualified service providers.
  Am I required to stock parts?  
While we do not require it, we suggest that you have at least a few critical parts with you at all times.
  Travel pay?  
FindAComputerGuy.Com tries to route the closest technician to each service location and we do not pay travel pay at this time. If you feel that the work order is too far from you please just ignore the work order.
  I have completed the signup process and when I attempt to log into the system It states that my user name or password is invalid, but I know the password is correct.  
With the large number of applications that FindAComputerGuy.Com receives it may take up to two weeks for us to approve your application.
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