On Site Service
On Site Service
  On-Site service and repair  
Are you tired of having to disassemble your computer and take it into a computer store and wait for weeks to have someone work on it? With FindAComputerGuy.com all of our service is performed onsite. We charge a flat rate for most services.
  Easy Scheduling  
We provide service 24 horus a day, seven days a week, this means that no matter when you need your computer serviced, you have it. If you need someone to be at your location at 3am, you are going to have it. With our service you don't have to wait three or four weeks for the service, but you can have the service when you want it.
  Internet Security  
Are you sure that your computer is secure? When was the last time that you updated it? Do you have a firewall? If you could not answer all of these questions then you may need our security check service. With this we check all of the security settings and updates on your computers and if they are not correct, we correct them. Along with updating the operating system and major applications on the computer systems.
  Virus & Spyware Removal  
Does it seem that your computer is slowing down or putting popup windows on your desktop when you wouldn't expect it? You could have a virus or have been infected with spyware. If you need help detecting or removing any virus or spyware just order our service and we will be able to remedy the situation quickly.


Do you have more than one computer in your home or office? Have you considered networking them? A network will allow you to share files and resources like printers or scanners, also with a network you can share internet access with all of the computers in your home or office. FindAComputer guy will also check your wireless network and make certain that it is set up securely so that only authorized users are able to use the network.
  Data Backup & Recovery  
When was the last time that you backed up the data on your computer? If it were suddenly damaged, stolen or had a drive failure would you miss any of the data that was on that computer? We recommend having a CD or DVD burner installed on your pc with a schedule to regularly backup the data that is stored on the computer. We can install and show you how to use these applications in your and we can train you on how to use the software as well. If you do not have the data backed up and have either accidentally deleted, had a hardware failure, or otherwise have lost the data on your computer we offer a data recovery service.
  Individualized Training  
Have you ever purchased a program, only to find out you have no idea how to use it? Unfortunately it’s not always possible to take a class that fits your schedule. Instead, you might consider signing up for individual training from FindAComputerGuy.com. Our friendly, certified experts are happy to share their knowledge and love of computers, offering easy-to-understand lessons at the hourly rate of $89.00 per hour.
  Computer Watch  
Would you like to know where your children or spouse goes on the internet? We offer a service that allows you to see where they go on the internet. This service is entirely confidential and the results will only be seen by you. We can also adjust your computer so that your children may not go to sites that you deem inappropriate on the internet.
  Computer Cleansing  
Have you been to a questionable site on the internet, looked at a video you shouldn't have, or looked at a file that you should have? Even though you have cleared your histories and emptied your recycle bin, there are ways to uncover these files and view where you have been. No worry, we offer a service that we will confidentially come to your home or office and remove all evidence of these activities.*
  * If there is any material on the computer that needs to be reported to law enforcement we will not destroy the material, but preserve a copy of it and present it to the local law enforcement.