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As celebrity continue to engrave tattoos on their bodies, on might wonder why only a few of them become as famous as they have become. The body art or tattoos on celebrities of Hollywood would now become the icon of many millions of fans around the world. The designs and ideas used by artists can never be counted successfully. Some of the celebrities with tattoos on their body include the list as given below.

Angelina Jolie would top the list on the count of tattoos present on her body. She is one of the actresses who are obsessed with body art. Her whole body is covered with them not t mention the tribal dragon on her back and the scriptures written all over her body. When it comes to Angelina , every square inch of her body is covered in it, but not more than Kat d Von , the celeb on show for Miami ink and more recently LA Ink.

Megan fox is nonetheless following behind. She confesses her love for tattoos and she gets a few tattoos now and then. A tattoo for the Transformers, as compared to Angelina Jolie, gives out the same parallel waves that they both have towards body art. The famous Marilyn Monroe decorates Megan fox’s right arm and recently for standing the model show for Armani, she has got many scriptures and writing on her back.

Tattoos , in those days, were placed only on rock stars and the designs now are very eye catching and can be found on every To, Dick and Harry around a place. The methods of tattooing too have improved, increasing the safety involved in tattooing. When Janis Joplin got a tattoo, he became the talk of the town and Johnny Depp got even hotter with 6 tattoos marking his arms and shoulders alone.

Some celebs get tattoos not just for the fun of it or for media or the movies. Tattoos instigate some sentiments and feeling behind them and keep them always in remembrance of their lost one, or their beacon of hope. So is the tattoo got by Emma Stone after her movie Superbad? As her mother was suffering from breast cancer and she had always stood by Emma to go through her life in a positive way, Emma got the song “Black Bird” engraved on both her mother’s and her wrists, admitting that her success in the movie field was all because of her mother’s support and presence to put her best foot forward. As her mother recovered from breast cancer, Stone swore that she wouldn’t get any other tattoo engraved on her.

Rock starts like Eminem and Justin Timberlake are none the less hot and they have got many tattoos all over their bodies. Not only does their music and songs lick and one’s soul, their body art is so eye catching, one could look on forever. Many celebs look for a reason to get tattooed with the whole world following them at their feet.
Emma Stone started out on her career on TV after winning a role in a reality show, namely, In Search of the New Partridge Family. The next television series she had appearances in was Medium, Malcolm in the Middle and also in Lucky Louie. By 2007, she got a fixed role in Foxdrama Drive playing the role of Violet Trimble, till the series got cancelled.

Her debut film in 2007, Superbad, a teen comedy, made her very famous where she plays the role of Jules, who is the lover of the Hero of the movie, Seth. On the sets when asked how she felt about the movie she said that the shots in the movie were extremely funny and she kept breaking role, now and then, which kept getting her into trouble, but it was alright. In 2008, she appeared in the comedy film, The Rocker, where she played the role of a bassist in a band. Stone had to learn bass specially to play the role. In the same year, Stone appeared in the film, The House Bunny, where she plays the president of a sorority, and sings a solo song. In 2009, Emma Stone acted in the movie, The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which was a romantic comedy, and a sequel to the story written by Charles Dickens, The Christmas Carol.

Next she starred in a horror Zombieland. After this she played her third comedy film, in February 2009, in Atlanta. Emma Stone also starred in the film The Paper Man which is about a novelist by name Richard, who has an imaginary friend. Stone acts as Abby, a babysitter who is hired by Richard after shifting to Long Island. She played a voice role in Marmaduke, in 2010, a film made from a comic strip about a Great Dane.

Stone starred her first leading role in a move Easy A where she proves herself in front of the rest of the school, following a misnomer about her that she was sexually licentious. For this movie Emma was nominated for an award.

Emma Stone has starred in Crazy,Stupid, Love along with actors Julianne Moore and Ryan Gosling , which is about a husband with marital issues and difficulties with his children. Stone has also starred in The Help, an adaptation from the famous novelist, Kathryn Stockett’s book, where she plays the role of an aspiring writer.

Emma Stone has joined the cast of The Croods, an animated film by Dream Works Animation, where she voices the role of Eep, the oldest daughter of Grug(which is voiced by Nicholas Cage). This film is due to be released in April 2012. Stone went to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, where she introduced Linkin Park. She also said that she would start taking up film ventures of her own, and also that she had a passion to star in Saturday Night Live. Stone has starred in the movie The Amazing Spider Man, which is a remake of the Spider Man film Series. This film is to be released on July3, 2012.