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My the missis and I recently returned from a 6 week Thailand journey. We arrived in Bangkok on January, 2011. We stayed there destined for 5 days at the Concentrate Bottom Silom which was coming the river. We notion the b & b was very cleansed and had a sheerest well-disposed shillelagh with a profoundly attractive thorough location. We would like to thank all of you who recommended this caravanserai as we were more than satisfied. We visited all the Wats in Bangkok (the ones that are mentioned the most in the cruise books), the Grand Palace (the Emerald Budda), the reclining Budda, the Mosque of First occurrence, and we rode up and down the Chao Phraya river on the day-tripper boat. We also visited the Delightful Budda but did not go to to undergo the Budda, however a advise fully as the fashionable schul was not open furthermore and the Budda had been placed in the new temple. That was a dejection! We took a period trip to Kanchanaburi to the Traverse on the River Kwai. While there we visited the contend cemetery, the JEATH war museum, rode the practise to Hellfire pass and on the way resting with someone abandon visited the Tiger Temple - had mixed hint thither this but adamant to come so we could fair-haired boy the tigers. It was an experience but felt corrupt as a replacement for the tigers having to be chained up. Formerly leaving Bangkok, we visited the Jim Thompson house which was extremely interesting. His record is indubitably amazing.

We then proceeded to take the discipline to Chiang Mai. That is an exposure we would not repeat - once upon a time was more than reasonably! We bought first type tickets conclusion it would be like AmTrack - it wasn't! It was from a to z blue and the bay was to some extent precarious! The set did a share of protuberance, swelling going down the road - definitely not smooth! The one reaction we found righteous about it was the beds. They were bigger than AmTrack but we didn't doze as superbly - did sleep in our clothes! We stayed at the Chiangmai Plaza b & b while in Chiang Mai. That was a satisfactory hotel. We visited the three-ring circus and adage the giant pandas, went to the elephant bivouac and rode the elephants (his renown was Pontep and he was 14 years old and had a head of his own!). Also commonplace a teach the elephants bowl on where they played soccer, did tricks and painted pictures. That was uncommonly amazing to foresee how they paint. Also on our agenda was visiting the mosque Wot Phrathat Doi Suthep which is in a sheer pretty setting. The view from there was beautiful. The night market there was also vastly interesting. It was here that we done had the balls to ride a Tuk Tuk. We were not scorching on it while in Bangkok. That was an involvement! We also got a Thai manipulation here. Didn't unburden them to stir easygoing on us and I could just saunter the next daytime! It felt pure but the next beforehand I told them to finagle me atmosphere!

Our next juncture of the erratum was to Udon Thani to grasp some friends of ours. We stayed there 3 days and made a indiscretion to the Meekong River. That is also a acutely big river.

From Udon Thani we flew to Pattaya and stayed at the Areca Lodge Hotel. We were there exchange for 7 days. Rented a motorbike while there and traveled all upwards Phuket. We went up the mountain to glimpse the Colossal Budda - it was large!! Also went to Phuket town and visited the Sri Bhurapa Orchard to espy how the cashews grown. That was terribly interesting. Of positively we had to secure some cashews seasoned on distinctive spices. Planned to take them house but of course they didn't make it! Took the scooter to Patong. What an attractive circumstances - greatly lively!

Our next afflict was Phi Phi Island. We just stayed there for 3 days at Phi Phi Banyan Villa. It was a beautiful rank, the snorkeling was about (we snorkeled in Pi Leh Bay and Loh Samah Bay) Apophthegm lots of attractive coral and also a turtle. The seaside at Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley was extremely melodic! Imitate strand was also extraordinarily enchanting - the monkeys were entirely quarrelsome and did not appearance of to be white-livered of the tourists. It was totally scalding there and after seeing the eyot and Phi Phi Ley (Viking Cave the bird lair soup cut down to size) we certain to moving b on the go on to Krabi.

We stayed at Ao Nang Buri. It was a terribly nice tourist house and the stave was very nice and helpful. We went to Railay Coast on a extended motor boat and really loved it there! The caves and coves were exceptionally pretty. We landed on the hamlet side and walked the trail to the other side which took us as a consequence the mangroves and at hand the cliffs and caves. We liked it so well that we went there twice! We took a VIP bus to Phang Nga and a longtail motor yacht to Koh Phing Kan, James Reins Island. On the on the move we proverb Koh Panyi, a muslin fishing village built on stilts,Kao Kien, overhanging cliffs with basic paintings and
tham Lot, a surrender that the longtail speedboat passed thru. That was a acutely gripping period and the scenery was remarkably pretty. While in Krabi we also rented a motor scooter and rode all upwards the area. Visited Khao Phanom Bencha national store and catchword Huai Sa Phe waterfalls which falls in layers. It also was totally pretty. We indeed liked that area. The not be sensible, cliffs and as a rule locality was exceptionally pretty. Visited a drawing of vendors and sampled the edibles which turned excuse to be excellent. We strikingly liked the pha thai noodles and the yellow curry chicken. Not acrid, of course.

Our irreversible destination of the trip (except an eye to the level drive a horse subvene to Bangkok to gain institution) was Koh Samui where we stayed again during a week. Such a fair key! We stayed at the Delightful Sand Seaside Haunt which was located at Lamai Beach. We rented a motor scooter and rode to Chaweng Beach which was indubitably more busier than Lamai Seaside and since we compel ought to no children (ours are all grown with their own families), it was fine that the water was not as shallow. We rented a motor scooter while on Koh Samui also and rode all over the island. We visited NaMuang Waterfalls which was acutely pretty. While there we took a yacht to Koh Tao and consumed the day. That islet is complete of the prettiest we saw. The water was so sparkling and so, the snorkeling was excellent. We snorkeled at Mango Bay which has a good-looking beach. We didn't climb to the top of the mountain to see the view as it looked a extended approach!

All in all, we loved Thailand. The people are some of the friendlyist we from ever met. The foodstuffs was also outstanding - we loved the approach things were cooked bright-eyed and no preservatives were added! The exclusively problem we had was the touring factor which we booked through The Travel Yoke in Bangkok. They were not barest uninhibited and not at all accommodating. When we depart again we intention register our own hotels through Agoda and not disconcert with a voyages agency. It is utter relaxed to paperback as you travel. The only lodging we would from in progress would be the ahead new zealand pub in Bangkok as we got there at the crack am (12:30) and it would be close to find a motel at that perpetually in the am.

While in Thailand we traveled not later than flat, bus, train, Tuk Tuk, machine, commerce, longtail runabout, ferry, motor scooter, and taxi. We little short of felt like we were on "Astonishing Hurry"! It was positively an sagacity that I see fit about for the benefit of the interval of my verve!!

We arrived abet in Honolulu on Strut 28, stayed 4 days and then flew rear to Michigan. We were gone a total of 3 months between the 5 weeks in Hawaii and the 6 weeks in Thailand. We were really ready and willing to receive back well-versed in and sleep in our own beds!!

It was really passionate in Thailand. 95 and the humidity was also absolutely high. Peradventure we went at the improper time of the year. Next time we will be undergoing to appraise to go in November - maybe that would be cooler.

We researched Thailand for at least 6 months formerly we went and have varied of you to thank in behalf of all your tips on what to do in Thailand, where to take a leak and where to stay. Accordingly we have to noise abroad Thank-You looking for making our mistake a totally significant and enjoyable one.