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Directory of Free Articles - a breakthrough in the industry of auto, sales in the Czech Republic.
After five years of hard, development, a local Czech company, Interbit s.r.o., has launched created an unprecedented idea – an electronic variant of autobazar, where every guest can discover his/her way to acquire or sell a auto online.

To buy, sell or just browse the multitude of offerings in the Czech market, visit The website is offering an a array of listings from more than 300 domestic autobazars, where you can sell your vehicle as well as get used cars for it immediately, and without middlemen.

The autobazar database has a total of over 40 000 cars for sale. Automotive listing portal was developed by a team of auto-enthusiasts, who from the very beginning wanted not only to develop a unique online car-orientated system, but to make it lightning-fast. Our autobazar is like a stylish showcar with 600 horse power under the hood, tempting its visitors to jump right into the saddle and take a wild drive around the track.

Yes... it does look this way. Finally, the wish came true, and our special, cutting-edge portal - - gladly opens its doors to guests from the Czech Republic.

The first thing you note is the tuned-up look. The website was developed with the usability coming first, its top objective being to assist any body get ready for an autobazar visit, or to do a personal sale.
The first couple of seconds is just about enough to understand – this is not a heavy old-timer. The website runs extremely fast, the only thing limiting the response time being the Internet connection. developers did an incredible job with the search system. Try it – a picture is worth a thousand words – seeing is believing, as they say.

Another advantage is the way the search system is created. It was made to satisfy everyone, from a beginner, willing to merely get a grasp of what’s for sale, to an experienced buyer, who is very well informed of technical parameters and who is looking for accurate search results.

Search system at is unique, as it allows easy navigation through tons of automotive listings. One of the many useful functions is the option to add up to 24 pictures of the auto. An increase in the number of pictures means more useful information for the buyer - no other website has anything similar to offer. Without a doubt, this feature will be widely requested by the users.

Selling your vehicle at our auta na prodej autobazar is totally hassle-free. After a quick registration form, the only thing you would need to do is creating an ad, which will be seen by thousands of viewers online.
Autobazars and professional auto dealers are given options that are not offered anywhere else in the Czech market.

Every autobazar can have its own website after the registration at Such personalized website will display its owner’s web address, dealer’s vehicles for sale and will also show locations where you can buy auto insurance (auto inzerce); it will also show the autobazar contact information, display its business hours and even show it on a map. The autobazar can link this website to its own domain, or stay with the domain name given by
Dealers no longer need to pay high fees to have their website online. They can relax and enjoy the benefits of – a autobazar, which tops all previous achievements made by others.

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