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FindAComputerGuy.Com On-Demand Services
  • What is different about FindAComputerGuy.Com from other computer repair and service organizations?
    • FindAComputerGuy.Com's system allows companies to manage a wide variety of computer services. We are different because we not only provide you with an internet based platform to procure technology services anyplace in the united states, but we also are here to help when you have a problem with one of the services.
  • How much money is recommenced to keep in my account?
    • The answer depends on how often you use our system, the average cost of each work order. Most of our clients find that a balance equal to two weeks of expected service requests is appropriate.
  • What is your policy for my satisfaction?
    • When a technician signs up with FindAComputerGuy.com they agree to provide complete customer satisfaction. In the end it is your decision to approve the release of payment to the technician. Failure to provide quality work and satisfy the customer may result in a non-payment of services provided, in edition to earning a negative rating.
  • What type of repairs and support will FindAComputerGuy.com technicians help with?
    • Our technicians can supply support for almost every type of computer or system needed in either a home or an office.
  • If I am unhappy with FindAComputerGuy.com what can I do?
    • FindAComputerGuy.com will refund the unused portion of your funds on deposit with Find A Computer Guy at your request. All of the refund requests will be processed within fifteen days and you can not have any work orders that are not closed in the system.
  • Who sets the rates for each service call?
    • You do, with FindAComputerGuy.com each service order has its own value and you set what you are willing to pay hourly or by the job.
  • How does FindAComputerGuy.com handel travel time charges?
    • FindAComputerGuy.com does not allow travel time to be charged to any work order.
  • How is the distance calculated between a technician and the service location?
    • We calculate the distance approximately from a straight line between the center of each zip code, this data is provided by the United States Postal service and not Find A Computer Guy We provide no warranty to the accuracy of any distances.
  • I do not remember my login or password.
    • Just click the link on the login screen for either a forgotten password or a user name and they will be sent to your email in box.
  • How are disputes handled when both the client and the service provider disagree about weather a service order was completed satisfactorily?
    • We believe the burden is with the technician to satisfy the client and to make certain that they receive positive feedback from the client. In extreme cases the technician may appeal by submitting an email to [email protected].
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