In Home Virus Removal
In Home Virus Removal
Computers have become an integral part of many of our lives. We store our photos, music, important correspondence and financial records. In an instant, all of this can be lost because of computer virus infection or trojan horse. We can help make sure that this doesn't happen.
  How can my computer get infected?  
One of the most common methods of infection is through the opening of infected email attachments. An email that may appear to be from family of friends, can actually be cleverly sent from an infected computer without the owner's consent or knowledge. We can help you learn to identify potential threats as well as remove current infections. Many times, viruses can also be contracted from downloading files from malicious web sites.
  Is my computer infected?  
If you think your computer is infected, make sure that you record error messages and strange behavior. This is very important when determining if there is infection, and if so, the extent of the infection. Our technicians will be able to determine if your computer is infected and fix the problem.
  What do I do now?  
Give us a call. Because your valuable information is at risk, give us a call. While there are various online tools that may help remove the infection from your computer, we can help remove all infection and help you to prevent further infection. We also offer other services, such as spy ware removal and data backup that will help improve your computing experience.
  * If there is any material on the computer that needs to be reported to law enforcement we will not destroy the material, but preserve a copy of it and present it to the local law enforcement.  
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