Wireless Networking has become the latest way to bring your computers and information together for more flexibility. Whether you have several desktops or a notebook that you bring from home to the office, you can enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity - surf from the couch or share with your den or home office.


What does the $99.99 Certified Wireless Network Install mean to you? Our $99.99 certified wireless network install means it's ONE PRICE. No hourly charges and we save you valuable time, protect your network security against intruders and keep you connected on the go with wireless networking.

Have more than two computers in your home or office? You can connect them without wires. Share your Internet connection, files (like music and photos), and that really good color printer with everyone on your network. We'll attach an additional booster antenna or computer to the same network for only $19.99 each during our visit.

Want to make sure you get the most out of your new freedom? Find A Computer Guy Service Technicians can help you get your wireless network connected. Not only that, but we will give you an orientation on your increased flexibility and show you how to share your files and printers between your computers.

Concerned that sharing can be a bad thing, too? When you go wireless, you leave yourself unprotected from intruders that can find your wavelength. Save yourself the worry. Our technicians will ensure that you are protected by encrypting your wireless network with a special code. We'll also set your network hardware firmware to put a firewall between you and the outside world.

Still not sure? Ready to schedule an appointment? Call us @ 1-800-290-1350 and push option 4, or you can start your solution right now by scheduling your computer guy from Find A Computer Guy to come to you!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Adult over the age of 18 must be present while technician is on-site.
  2. Computer must be easily accessible at time of appointment.
  3. Pre-existing high-speed Internet connections are required.
  4. No additional installation charges for boosters, antennas and other peripheral items apply.
  5. Windows 98 operating systems may require additional configuration charges.
  6. Changes in appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling 1-800-290-1350 Option 4.
  7. Find A Computer Guy reserves the right to rearrange or cancel appointments but will make every effort to accommodate customer's first choice of date and time.
  8. Required or optional Parts or Upgrades are additional on all services and repair offers.
  9. These offers are designed for residential and home business applications.
* Purchased requested services at time of visit qualify for a 30-day guarantee for materials and workmanship based on the service performed. Reconfiguration or changes and modification to the operation of the computer in any way will void any additional guarantees.
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